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Austin, TX 78750
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Same day appointments
children with an illness


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Feedback provided by parents at Kangos Pediatrics:

  • “I prefer this practice and have for 14 years”
  • “You are all doing a great job. Keep doing what you are doing”

"What would you tell others about Kangos Pediatrics"?

  • “It’s great to hear from a pediatrician that they’re not in favor of antibiotics, antivirals, medications of any kind unless they’re clearly needed.
  • “Dr. Kangos says medications can have unpredictable side effects. He is careful and conservative and I like that!”
  • “We can’t imagine going anywhere else”
  • “This is a great practice, small and intimate which in my experience makes for a better patient experience.”
  • “Every diagnosis, bit of advice, and prescription has always been accurate.”
  • “Friendly office, well-informed, ease of visit.”
  • “Love the husband and wife team. Willingness to listen and the fact that you always have an appointment open for a sick kid.”
  • “Awesome practice! Been coming for 8 years.”
  • “Friendly, professional, same day appointment, open Saturdays.”
  • “Accommodating and caring.”
  • “Clean office and rooms. My son likes coming!”
  • “Friendly environment for the entire family.”